Specialty Bookkeeping Services

New Business Case Development

You are in the early stages of developing your business and require a Business Plan, we can assist you with developing the report you require to apply for funding.  The report provides both a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the proposed business, market comparison, and financial projections.

Forms Completion

The completion of government forms and applications can be very confusing for some and tedious for others.  We can assist you with the completion of the documentation on-line or on paper.

Employee Review

Assistance is available to develop job descriptions, performance reviews, hiring contracts and termination letters.


Scheduling is a unique skill that can cross multiple unions and service types.  Assistance in preparation of month to month schedules, or three-month advance schedules is available.

New Business Startup Registrations

This includes registering your business with the government, obtaining HST and payroll filing accounts, and registering with WSIB.  Depending on the type of business you develop, there may be other registrations required as well.

Contract Review

Contracts can be very difficult to understand and onerous to review.  We can assist you with reviewing the document and highlight areas of concern to discuss with your legal advisors.

Health Benefits

Review of your existing health benefits plan and assistance with soliciting new quotations, and ultimate selection of a new benefits provider.

Operating and Asset Insurance Renewals

Preparation of requests for quotation on your insurance needs.  Comparison of current coverages with submissions received and provision of a recommendation.

Cost Reduction Strategies

In today’s economy, businesses must continue to reduce costs over a period of time in order to survive.  Rayside Bookkeeping can assist you in developing cost cutting measures and develop a plan to implement the reductions over one, two, or three-year time frames.

Leasehold Improvement and Capital Asset Acquisition Costing

Tracking this information is onerous and it is easy to miss something important.  This information can be tracked using excel spreadsheets that tie into your general ledger.  Detailed reports are important for tax purposes and will be required by your external auditor.

Government Audits

Oversee and assist with supplying the government required documentation when they perform an audit on your financial statements.

Staff Replacement on an Interim Basis

Rayside Bookkeeping is available to replace your Accounting staff when they take vacation, maternity, or other personal leaves of absence.  The service is provided based on an hourly or weekly fixed rate.